Friday, 1 January 2016

52/52 - and 2015 in retrospect!

“A portrait of our daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015”

Sophia: A final portrait of all seven Gorricho cousins. It was just lovely to see you all together… plus you loved to play with all of them - teaching me the joy of family in this time of the year. 

Once again another year just flew by… and I completed 52 portraits! The satisfaction that comes with a completed project is just amazing. 

2015 without doubt was an intense year. The first six months, despite wanting to embrace change and our new life in Cali, I literally screamed out my frustration! Now my soul has calmed down and I have started to see the ‘caleño’chapter with new eyes. 

Huge life lessons arrived in 2015. Lessons about the importance of having family nearby, about the unique stardust friendship between grandparents and granddaughters, about old friends departing and new ones arriving, about excelling in working with an outstanding team, about finding balance in life and being happy… 

Most importantly, I saw my precious daughter bloomed and enjoyed every minute with her, witnessed how my brave husband found his way (once again) to shine in his job and follow his passions, and enjoy documenting so many little things that filled our lives with joy.

In 2016, I plan to continue with the 52 project but it will focus on our life and not only on Sophia. To have 2 years of her portraits is wonderful, but now that I have acquired the habit to post at least once a week, I want to expand it to document different moments of our family in Cali. 

A few hours away of the New Year I wholeheartedly want to wish you all a bright and fulfilling 2016, packed with love and the simple joy of being happy. 


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