Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Berlin, dear old friend

Thanks for letting us celebrate M’s 45th B-Day in style.
We loved coming back
to walk your streets, neighbourhoods, parks
following M’s steps a few years {or decades} ago;
to discover your hidden beer gardens, dancing floors, and cafes
that provided the best settings for deep conversations and joyful moments;
to be amazed by your palpable history
that made us dream of Prussian times long gone.
Thanks for having Leonard {our favourite singer} as a very special guest during our visit
 and for letting us enjoy three hours of serene melancholy.
We love you, Berlin… and we may take you again!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Old wise men

This summer I got inspired by two old wise men. They don’t know each other. Both have sparkly eyes. Both reminded me, in their own special way, that a young and curios spirit is the best companion for getting old.  Thanks David & Leonard!