Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Berlin, dear old friend

Thanks for letting us celebrate M’s 45th B-Day in style.
We loved coming back
to walk your streets, neighbourhoods, parks
following M’s steps a few years {or decades} ago;
to discover your hidden beer gardens, dancing floors, and cafes
that provided the best settings for deep conversations and joyful moments;
to be amazed by your palpable history
that made us dream of Prussian times long gone.
Thanks for having Leonard {our favourite singer} as a very special guest during our visit
 and for letting us enjoy three hours of serene melancholy.
We love you, Berlin… and we may take you again!

1 comment:

Carlos J. Gorricho said...

Gracias por compartir esos momentos tan hermosos y por despertar la necesidad de ir a Berlin.
Un abrazo para los dos