Saturday, 4 August 2012

The first part of the summer

We started out by cycling down to the ‘English Riviera’ with nostalgic thoughts about Cartagena de Indias in our minds. As it turned out, we managed to hit Rottingdean. Not bad for a start, a little reminiscent of Cartagena, but clearly not the place to be! Having learned our lesson, we boarded the Europlane to the Dreiländereck, where the sun does shine, the wine is good and flows amply over the course of alfresco dinners, the lakes are refreshing and the forests are full of mystery and delight. Why did we come back to the Island? Well, to introduce Markus’s Patentochter Hanna to the Primrose Cottage on Round Hill Street and everything that goes with it. (*Guest author – Markus)

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