Sunday, 3 June 2012


To have these old pictures together is basically magic. It required: a brother who dived {twice} into my father’s messy slide archive in Colombia, took around 3000 old slides to the US and scanned them; a father that after my brother uploaded the lovely imagines in the web and shared them with us, wanted to see the real slides back or some kind of tangible product; one night in Cali where I went through all the pictures of my youth with my family around making not so funny jokes {you know families}; the brilliant discovery  by Markus of an old film that was not developed; the search for a place that still develops films {sadly not so common these days}; the wonderful surprise of the film being intact and to be able to see pictures from M at least twenty years old; and finally a few long nights of scanning and editing on my side, while M is away rediscovering the place we used to call home: Colombia. I have to say I am quite happy with the result.

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Julia Inés said...

Hermosas las fotos! que trabajo tan lindo que hiciste! las fotos de Markus estan geniales, que buenos recuerdos.
Un abrazote.